Creative Technologist · Physical Interaction Designer · Computer Engineer

I like to invent, create, transform objects and the environment around us, to stir up emotions, raise a smile, stimulate a thought.

I love to send a message through artistic expression and the potential of technology.

I’m an engineer, both for my studies and for my attitude to use ingenuity. I apply my knowledge and deep curiosity in practical things. Continuous learning helps me to face new topics, new knowledge is lifeblood for ideas and solutions to my projects.

I truly believe that creativity is based on competences, without which innovation cannot be even imagined.

I do really like to put my hands on and directly into things, dismantle, experiment, rebuild. Understand the natural and artificial mechanisms that rule our reality. I’m naturally and culturally curious. By working in many projects, both artistic and technologic, I understood the value of craftsmanship and the potential of technology. My intent is to make these two words talk together in order to obtain unique and captivating objects and experiences.

I constantly aspire to expand my horizons, collaborating with other professionals. Creating, innovating, inventing.

Confrontation is necessary to aim to quality. I’ve learnt that one’s effort is never enough and that cooperation is the key to uncover your own potential. Confronting, clashing and meeting to leave a sign. I’ve experienced it by encountering artisans, designers, engineers, architects, artists with varied skills and passions. I learnt something from each of them and with each of them I imagined something new.


Such experiences have been, are and will be my work. My life.

I’m co-founder of Next4Things, a company network focused on IoT born within the Comonext innovation hub. I’ve been part of the leading board since the beginning and since 2017 I manage the network projects.

In the artistic field, I collaborated with 8208 Lighting Design Festival in Como by selecting participants, managing the interactivity of the works and acting as a point of contact of a national network of lighting festivals.

For years, I’ve been an active member of the European federation of scoutism thanks to which I improved my social and managing skills.

Whatever makes a sound, including keyboards.

Whatever emits light, even without lighting.

Everything that can be dismantled, replicated, fixed, rebuilt.

Beer, cooking, comics.


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