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From a concept by OLO Creative Farm, an installation that has impressed the passers-by in Como during the 8208 Lighting Design Festival 2016. replied in 2017 at Villa del Grumello was selected for the F-Light Firenze Light Festival 2017 in Palazzo Medici Ricciardi, and requested for private events.

Limen, for ancient latins the threshold, the beginning, is the doorway for a change and offers a new interpretation on a fundamental historical monument of Como.

Seven Clay Paky Sparky light with theirs caracteristics defined light, aims seven mirrors on the floor, creating  reflexation inside the tower. Through interruption of the light beam, detected by photodiodes in the mirrors, the users activat the installation.

Every lights is associated with a sound feedback that create a new soundtrack for each interaction. The tower became an interactive sound box creating a bright and loud dialogue between user and installation.

For this project I developed the interaction and DMX interface between sensor, sound and light, but it is a collaborative work to realize in few time an exciting installation that enhance the maestosity and the importance of the tower for the city.

The citizens plays and partecipates in the installation realizing pictures and video like this one and requiring that the installation become permanent.

CONCEPT: OLO creative farm

INTERACTIVITY: Laboratorio Creativo Geppetto
LIGHTS: All Party Service


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