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Resonance for Samsung


In collaboration with LimiteAZero for the Fuorisalone2019 of Milano Design Week I realized three interctive installation for Samsung.

Samsung’s phylosophy, “Be Bold. Resonate with Soul.”, guided us to the design and production of these operae:


Four microphones trasduce blows into movements of different expand balls following the breath of the audience


Four microphones detecting the frequency of the users voice and activate the movement of a pair of ropes that oscillates dependently to the voice frequencies.

ALOFT – Touch

The touch of your fingers induce the movement of tens thousands of balls that dance and bounce in a controlled space.


For each one I designed and realized the interactive devices with a contribution on interface design to obtain the best result in terms of interactivity.

Thanks to All Party Service we can easily control lights and sounds for an immersive experience.


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