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One of the oldest string instrument is revised in a new elegant shape by Dario Pontiggia, a luthier with several years of experience in baroque harps production and a great innovation attitude. Stealtharp, is a new light and portable harp that immediately fascinated me.

Dario is part of the Croma project and for his harp i developed a little and powerful pre-amp, designed specifically for the Stealtharp.

So StealthAmp is now one of the optional that make Stealtharp so interesting and excite the harpist for his clear and powerfull sound.

Using StealthAmp you can play the harp in an unconventional way, exploring also percussion and winds as a “sound lab”. One instrument tc a greater acoustic expression.

I like to think that it can be a little revolution in this contest.

Designer – Dario Pontiggia

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