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Inner Voice


Inner voice is an installation by Daniela di Maro developed for 8208 Lighting Design Festival 2017  inside the evocative place of Porta Torre.

The opera wants to generate a relationship between the inner and the outer of the city, using Porta Torre as a space-time “gate” crossing the border between the inside and the outside of the city center. The interaction of the passers-by with the opera establish a relationship of cause and effect, animating the tower of sounds and colors.

Outside the main arc of the tower it has been positioned a wide range microphone that capture the surrounding noise. these sounds are translated in intensity variations of the white lightning inside the tower.

Few meters inside the city, two microphones in two shiny column commande RGB lights placed inside the tower. Talking and singing in the microphones activates these light that reacts dependently on the vocal timbre of the users, changing the color lightning inside the tower. User becomes part of the installation, break the contact between the tower and the outside, and collaboration with other users establishing a communication gives color and life to the city.

I developed electronics and software that translate sound into lighting movement, using the same principle used for Croma adapting it to the human voice, with an signal elaboration based on voices spectrum bands energy.

Concept: Daniela di Maro
Interaction: Laboratorio Creativo Geppetto
Sound design: Massimo Scamarcio
Lights: All Party Service


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